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The Various Types of Law

Unmasking Hatred: Dealing With Anonymous Bullies Online

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Cyber-bullies, people who hide behind the internet’s curtain of anonymity in order to bully, stalk and otherwise harass their targets, can inflict a great deal of damage on your life. What do you do if you’ve been targeted by someone who seems intent on using the internet to hurt you in any way that he or she can, but you don’t even know who he or she is? What Kind Of Damage Can A Cyberbully Do? Cyberbullies can disrupt your entire existence, depending on how internet-savvy they are. Activities can range from simply...

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Have A Conviction On Your Record? You May Be Eligible For Expungement.

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If you have recently been convicted of a crime, you know that this type of thing will follow you around forever. But depending on the severity of your crime, or whether or not you had a previous criminal record before this recent conviction, you may be able to remove this conviction from your record. Your state laws will govern the possibility of this happening, but it may be possible for you to remove this mark forever by way of an expungement. Overview of an Expungement An expungement is a process that seals your arrest and your conviction...

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