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Injured At The Pool? You May Have A Viable Personal Injury Case

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With the warm weather of summer here, many people are getting outside and jumping in the pool to cool down. Unfortunately, this fun summer activity can be a cause of injury. Do you know what your rights are if you are injured at the pool? It’s a good idea to understand your rights, and if you have a viable personal injury case. Premise Liability Laws Typically Apply The big legal difference between a beach and a swimming pool is that a pool is built on someone’s property. It does not matter if it is private or public property,...

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When Can A Strategic Divorce Work?

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Whether you’re concerned about the prospect of spending down your nest egg for your spouse’s end-of-life care, or are tired of having your Social Security retirement income taxed due to your working spouse’s income, you may be wondering whether an “on paper” divorce can save you money. What happens if you and your spouse legally divorce but continue to live together and share finances? Read on to learn more about some common situations in which strategic divorce may be utilized, as well as what you can do if you...

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Helping A Victim Of Domestic Violence: Important Dos And Don’ts

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Seeing a loved one trapped in an abusive relationship can be both devastating and frustrating. On the one hand, you hate to see your friend in any kind of pain. On the other hand, you may not understand why your loved one continues to be in the relationship. Regardless, you want to help, but it’s important that you be aware of a few things before you get involved in such a complicated situation. DO Offer Support in Any Way Possible A lot of times, victims of domestic violence stick around because they simply don’t feel like they...

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Answers To A Couple Of Pressing Auto Accident Questions

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Every day there are an almost countless number of car accidents that happen across the country. Luckily, most of these accidents do not result in substantial injuries, but even these minor accidents can result in substantial liabilities and expenses. It is important to understand a couple of basic questions concerning car accidents to help ensure that you are legally protected as much as possible following these incidents.  Why Is It Not Advised To Discuss The Incident With The Other Driver? After an accident, it is normal for the two...

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Tips On Getting Disability Benefits When You’re Suffering From Fibromyalgia Pain

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Fibromyalgia pain can be a crippling condition that leaves patients who can no longer work in desperate need of disability benefits. However, it can be more difficult to be approved for disability benefits for fibromyalgia patients because of the somewhat subjective nature of the condition.  Those applying for disability because of fibromyalgia pain can use the following tips to increase the chances that their disability claim will be approved: Carefully document your diagnosis and treatment When you’re applying for disability...

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3 Things First Time DUI Offenders Should Know

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Being charged with driving under the influence can be a scary situation, and first time offender often looks for guidance about what to do. They have questions about the fines and penalties they could face if they are convicted, and wonder if they need to hire a DUI attorney to help them through it. While no two cases are identical, you should know that first time offenders are treated differently than those who are repeat offenders. Keep these three things in mind about your situation. You May Lose Your Drivers License Many first time...

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Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Workers’ Compensation Case

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You probably spend a great deal of time on social media. Posts about how you’re feeling, your plans and posting videos and pictures are just a few of the ways you keep your profile current. If you’re in the middle of a workers’ compensation case the insurance company might look at your profile. Some insurance companies will hire investigators to monitor a claimant’s profile, looking for any indication that they’re lying about their injuries. Make certain you aren’t making posts that could be putting your...

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Time To Negotiate A Divorce Settlement? 5 Steps To Make The Process Easier

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It’s time to negotiate a divorce settlement. If you’ve hired an attorney, they’ll help walk you through the process. However, if you’re going it alone, you’re going to need to know how to get the most out of the negotiations. Even if you’re going to represent yourself, it’s a good idea to consult with an attorney before proceeding. And before you sit down with your spouse to discuss a divorce settlement, go over these tips to make the process easier. Start With Something You Can Agree On Don’t...

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Hiring An Auto Accident Lawyer Will Help You Get Justice

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Drunk driving is the most common form of car crashes featured in police reports. But there are times during the year when its rate of incidence is significantly higher than the other causes of traffic accidents, such as during the Christmas season. As you might know, drunk driving usually leads to two types of damages: punitive and civil damages. In taking legal actions against a drunk driver, you may demand that the court inflicts punitive sanctions to the other party. Here’s why hiring a knowledgeable auto accident attorney will help...

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Reverting To Your Maiden Name After Divorce – What You Should Know

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Are you a woman preparing to go through, or going through a divorce? If so, are you planning to keep your married name, or do you want to change your name back to your maiden name? What about your kids? Will you change their last names along with yours? Here, you will find the answers to two of the questions that you may have about changing your name after your marriage comes to an end. Should you change your name during the divorce proceedings or wait until it is final? The choice really is yours. If you choose to drop your married name...

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