Discovery Before A Slip & Fall Accident Case

If you are the victim of an accident, it is important that you understand the process of following through with a personal injury case. Slip and fall cases are prominent, but not every case goes to court. This is because the process can feel intimidating for many people.

One part of the process involves discovery. Discovery is one of the first steps involved in filing a slip and fall case, but even if you hire an attorney it is important that you understand what this process looks like.

Discovery Is an Exchange of Information

Before your personal injury case goes to trial, you will share information with the other side. They will also share information with you. The individuals you are pursuing a case against are likely to present their own evidence, and you need to make sure that you are aware of their claims.

This might sound a bit strange, but it actually helps you. For example, all documentation that will be used as evidence in court must be shared to ensure that you are not surprised when your case goes to trial. This process also ensures that evidence is not destroyed.

Attorneys Are Helpful During Discovery

The discovery process is not a process through which you simply hand over the documentation. You will need to file paperwork to ensure that you get the discovery from the other side. Additionally, you must be able to respond to filed motions on time to avoid legal consequences. When you are dealing with a slip and fall case, this means you may need to produce medical documents, for instance.

Attorneys are helpful because they know exactly what the discovery process looks like. They can prepare you for what is about to happen, and they can also educate you about what the documents mean for your case.

Discovery Often Includes an Interview

In order to get a complete discovery, you may be asked to be interviewed by the attorneys of the other party involved in your slip and fall case. For example, you may be interviewed by the attorneys of the grocery store in which you fell. You are required to be honest during your interview.

Your Attorney Will Walk You Through Discovery

Do you still have questions about discovery? A slip and fall accident attorney will ensure that you have all the documentation that you need. They will also make good use of the documentation available from the other side of the case.

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