Bail Bonds Allow Defendants to Maintain Freedom Before Trial

States have varying laws regarding payments to the court for release after arrest. Because bail is often set too high for defendants to afford, many states allow these individuals to pay with a bail bond instead. Agencies providing the service typically offer 24/7 hour bail bonds so defendants can be released outside of regular business hours as arrests sometimes take place at night or on weekends or holidays.

Preventing Unwanted Consequences

People who have been arrested and jailed typically are anxious to get out as soon as possible. When someone is detained for any length of time, this person's life can quickly unravel. Being unable to report to work could lead to job loss. No income could result in vehicle repossession and eviction from the home. Many individuals do not have enough money in savings to cover their monthly payments without ongoing income.

Incarceration Without Conviction

Justice reform advocates are particularly disturbed about the many defendants who remain incarcerated for weeks or months without being convicted of a crime. Often, these individuals have committed a nonviolent property or drug crime. Burglary, vandalism, and possession of illegal drugs are examples. Defendants can be released after a bail bond is delivered on their behalf.

Justice advocates worry that defendants feel pressured into accepting a plea bargain from the district attorney when bail is unaffordable. That may be the only way to secure their release from jail relatively soon if they live in a state where a bonding service is unavailable.

Even if the individual did not commit the crime, this person has a criminal record that could cause distinct problems in the future. For instance, when applying for jobs, the candidate may be required to allow a background check that will uncover this conviction. If a defense lawyer cannot convince a judge to dismiss the case or the prosecutor to drop the charges, waiting for a trial could take months. The defendant stays behind bars the entire time.

Obtaining a Bond

With the assistance of an emergency bail bonds service, they can be released within a day or even a few hours. This person probably will need a relative or friend to contact the organization and fill out the application. Doing this from behind bars is difficult, even with an online application. Someone also must pay the service fee for the bond. As soon as the agency approves the application and receives payment, the bond is delivered to the jail.

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