Avoiding Bail Revocations

For those released on bail, keeping on the right side of the law is the key to avoiding problems. Bail can be revoked under certain conditions and this situation is almost always 100% avoidable. To find out more about bail conditions and what might happen when they are not met, read on.

Bail is a Must-have

You probably don't need to be reminded of how bad being in jail can be. Not only can jails be noisy, crowded, and dangerous, but also they make it much harder to hold down a job and spend time with family and friends. Those who've been arrested cannot get out of jail fast enough — if they have a choice. That is what makes bail only appropriate for some arrests. Those with more serious charges or with an extensive record might not get so lucky. If you are offered bail, it comes with conditions.

Bail Bonds and Bail

You can either pay the full bail payment directly to the court or pay a percentage of the bail by using a private bail bonding company. Bail bonding is obviously preferable since it requires a lower cash outlay and the same results are achieved: freedom from jail. Bail bonding companies are often located near courthouses or jails and can offer loved ones an inexpensive alternative to paying the thousands of dollars charged by the court system.

Common Bail Conditions

Bail amounts and conditions are based on several factors, such as the crime, the criminal record, and the chances of the defendant fleeing. In general, these are some common bail conditions that have to be met:

  1. You must return for all future court dates
  2. You cannot associate or contact anyone who was involved in your arrest or crime
  3. You cannot carry a weapon
  4. You may have to undergo random drug or alcohol screening
  5. You may have to wear an ankle monitor

When Bail is Revoked

Bail can be revoked at any time and that results in a warrant for arrest. This warrant can be the result of criminal activity or failure to appear in court. Undoubtedly, failure to appear is how many defendants end up back behind bars. When you miss a court date (or even if you are late for court), the judge has the power to issue what is known as a bench warrant for your arrest. You can be picked up at any time and put back in jail since your bail has been revoked.

If you need more information about bail bonds and getting bailed out, phone a local bail bonding agency right away.

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