Facial Disfigurement: A Nightmare To Remember

Most individuals do not think that they will ever experience an unfortunate event that can change their lives forever. Facial disfigurement is an example of a life-changing event that can occur due to an accident, intentional bodily harm, or negligence when performing a medical procedure such as a rhinoplasty or facelift. Some individuals who experience facial disfigurement may be entitled to compensation if negligence or criminal intent are involved. The following points will help you to better understand this sensitive topic so that you will know what to do if you or a loved one experiences disfigurement. 

Types of Facial Disfigurement

Individuals may have scars left on their faces due to cuts. The cuts can occur when the glass from windshields get shattered during vehicle accidents. Individuals can also get cuts in their faces from broken glass bottles. Sometimes the healed cuts may leave thick scars called keloids. These may require several surgeries to minimize their appearance, and the scars may never permanently disappear. Botched cosmetic surgeries can also leave disfigurements. Cosmetic surgeons are required to have malpractice insurance, and people impacted by facial disfigurement could receive compensation if negligence is proven.  

Burns are another type of facial disfigurement. Burns may be the result of individuals' faces getting harmed because of exposure to hot liquids. They can also occur when individuals are exposed to acids and other chemicals that can burn the skin. Exposure to fire is another way that burns can impact the face and other areas, such as the neck and chest. 

Effect of Facial Disfigurement

This type of personal injury can cause individuals to become withdrawn. They may also experience depression and suffer from anxiety. The mental consequences can impact an individual's capacity to work and live a vibrant life. 

A personal injury lawyer is a good resource to use to learn more about potential compensation. They can also help you determine whether more than one party may be liable for the injuries. For example, if your facial disfigurement occurs due to lack of security at an event, the individual(s) who committed the act might be held liable as well as the individual who owns the property where the attack occurs. Event planners may also be held liable because they should have insurance to cover unfortunate situations such as violent attacks, and they are often responsible for ensuring that there is adequate security. 

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