Defense Tips To Keep In Mind In A Domestic Violence Case

A domestic violence case can be emotionally charged for obvious reasons. Getting accused of domestic violence can also carry a social stigma with it, so it's important that you defend yourself vigorously if you know you are innocent. While it might often feel like the cards are stacked against you as a defendant in a domestic violence case, this doesn't mean all hope is lost. With the right criminal defense lawyer, it might be possible to present a compelling defense that could lead to a not guilty verdict or a settlement that reduces your sentence. Here are some possible defenses that might work in a domestic violence case.

Did Anyone Else See It?

If your case is a matter of he said, she said, things could be difficult for you. But, if even just one person besides your alleged victim witnessed the incident, you might be able to prove that you are not at fault. For example, someone could testify that the victim attacked you first before you reacted in self-defense. This could prove especially effective if the alleged victim charged you with some kind of weapon like a knife before you used your hands to try and turn them away or keep them from harming you. If this incident took place in public, there might be security footage that could help, as well.

Does the Victim Have a History of Lying?

Another way you could be successful in a domestic violence case is by calling the alleged victim's credibility into question. Have their been other incidents where the police were called to the house? Was it ever proven that the victim tried to embellish the story to make you look even worse? Does the alleged victim have her or his own criminal record including a history of being less than truthful? This could call the current account regarding the domestic violence incident into question.

Examine the Victim's Injuries

You could also hire an expert to examine the victim's injuries from the alleged incident. Are the injuries consistent with what the alleged victim says happened, or could the injuries have been obtained through some other situation? Are the injuries not current or fresh? If the injuries don't match up with the timeline of the alleged incident, this could be another way to prove it wasn't you or that the victim is embellishing or trying to blame you for something you didn't do.

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