Starting A Career As An Independent Trucker? Here's Why You Should Find A Lawyer To Work With Now

You've purchased your big rig, you've landed your first customers, and you are ready to start your career as an independent trucker. Here is why you should take the time to find a reliable attorney to work with before going on your first road trip:

Understand the Laws

One good reason to find a truck accident lawyer to work with now is to make sure that you understand all of the laws that you're required to follow as a commercial trucker. If you aren't following the weight limit laws or inspection laws properly, it could hurt your chances of winning a lawsuit if you get into an accident at some point and charges are filed by one party.

For example, the court could find that the overweight load you were carrying during an accident is at least partially to blame for the accident. But if you weren't overloaded and you were following all of the other trucking laws, you'd have a better chance of proving that you weren't liable for the accident. Luckily, your truck accident attorney can walk you through the laws of the road and make sure that you fully understand them before you put your truck on the road for the first time.

Get Representation Immediately

If you do end up in an accident while transporting goods for a customer, you'll know exactly who to call so you can get representation immediately if you form a working relationship with a reliable truck accident lawyer now. If you don't already have a lawyer to work with, you'll have to deal with the other party and talk to the police on your own.

You might even be questioned by the other party's attorney and insurance company before you have a chance to get representation yourself. So taking the time to consult with a legal representative now will save you some time and help ensure that your best interests are protected if an accident does happen at any point in the future.

Enhance Your Chance of Winning a Personal Injury Case

Whether you or the other party files a personal injury case after an accident, you'll rely on your lawyer to walk you through the process from beginning to end. And if you're already working with an attorney, they'll know all about things like your driving history and your accident record, so they won't have to spend much time getting up to speed on your situation and figuring out how to best represent you.

Because your lawyer will already know your background, they should better be able to serve you when negotiating with the other party and representing you in the courtroom. And if you're looking to receive compensation for your pain and suffering, they'll do their best to get you what you deserve. Reach out to a law firm like St Martin & Bourque LLC today for more information.

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