Protecting Yourself During A Seperation Or Divorce

If you are facing a divorce or legal separation that is going to involve kids or property, you need to protect yourself so that you do not end up losing everything in the process. Hiring a lawyer to help you navigate the process is an excellent way to ensure you get what you want and the proceedings are fair for all parties involved. 

When to Hire Your Lawyer

If you have never been through a separation or divorce, you might not be sure when you should consider hiring a lawyer. If the divorce is amicable, you may think you don't need a lawyer, but the reality is, you need to have someone that can help you with motions, court appearances, and all the paperwork that goes with a divorce. You do not have to have a cutthroat lawyer, but you do need to have a lawyer early in the process.

Experienced Lawyers Matter

The temptation to hire a lawyer that is cheaper but does not have a lot of experience with divorce and custody is a mistake. The lawyer needs to know what they are doing throughout the process. They need to have a reliable staff that knows what they need to do to keep the divorce filing on track, and the lawyer needs to be there in case things start to go the wrong way. Don't hire just any lawyer -- ask around and get references then hire the best lawyer your budget will allow. 

Children And Custody

If you and your spouse have children together, you need to discuss the custody of the children, and you may need to get your lawyer involved in this process to settle any disagreements you and your spouse may have. The goal is to make decisions for the good of the children, so compromise is important. Let your lawyer determine if you are giving too much, because they will see things differently than you and your spouse will. The lawyer may work for you, but these decisions do not emotionally influence your lawyer. 

Communication Between Parties

If your spouse has a lawyer they are working with, let the lawyers take care of the communication between you and your spouse. It will reduce the stress between you and your spouse, as well as making sure things are not distorted when information comes from your spouse to you and then to your lawyer. If both attorneys are in your local area, they very likely know each other anyway and have worked together before. 

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