Three People Who May Serve As A Neutral Party During Supervised Visitation

During supervised visitation situations after a divorce, the parent who doesn't have custody of his or her children will get to spend a specific amount of time with them in a supervised environment. Sometimes, the parent with custody will play the supervisory role, but this isn't always the case. If you and your spouse aren't on speaking terms after your divorce or the contentious nature of the divorce has further strained your relationship, you might not want to be together during visitation. This means that you'll need to choose a third party who can oversee the visitations. Here are some options.

A Family Member

You might not want to be in the presence of your ex-spouse as he or she visits with your children, but you may be able to find a family member who can accept this role to help you out. After a divorce, some members of your family might automatically dislike your ex-spouse, but this isn't always the case. If you have a sibling or parent who is apt to remain on acceptable terms with your ex-spouse, this person may be a suitable choice to be present during the visitations.

Your Attorney

You may also wish to ask your divorce lawyer to serve as a neutral third part during a supervised visitation. If your attorney is too busy to assume this role, it's possible that he or she may ask a junior attorney or legal assistant from his or her office to help you in this capacity. While you may wish to first meet this person so that you can feel more confident, this can be an ideal scenario. The legal professional will be intimately aware of the specifics of your visitation agreement and will thus ensure that your ex-spouse doesn't violate any of its terms.

A Teacher

You might alternatively wish to consult a teacher at your children's school to see if he or she could play this role to help you. While it's only appropriate to pay the teacher for his or her time, this can be a good choice. Choose a teacher with whom you're already close, as you'll be able to communicate more easily about this situation. Teachers are adept at controlling situations that can sometimes be difficult, which would make a teacher well suited for this role. Additionally, the teacher will be a familiar and friendly face for your children, which can be another positive attribute during this difficult time for them.

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