3 Odd Child Custody Disputes That Require A Lawyer

An issue that will affect any couple getting divorced with children is child custody. While these issues are sometimes resolved in mediation, there can be complications that result in a custody battle. This means going to court, pleading your case, and having a judge make a decision for you. When the custody battle needs to be resolved in court, having a lawyer on your side is strongly recommended, such as any of these situations.

1. Disputes Over Religious Beliefs

It's possible that you and the child's other parent have a disagreement when it comes to your religious beliefs, which includes wanting to raise the child with those beliefs. If you are strongly against your former spouse teaching your child about a certain religion, you'll need to go to court and explain why this would be detrimental to the child. Having beliefs of your own won't be enough, so you'll need the help of a lawyer to form a solid case.

When religion plays a huge part in raising a child, a judge may ask an older child about who they want to live with. The judge can then take the child's opinion into consideration when making a final decision. If you know the child sides with your religious views, you may need legal help to make the argument that the child should decide on their own.

2. Disputes Over Where The Child Lives

A divorce can take parents in separate directions, sometimes with one parent wanting to leave the state. This can cause huge problems in custody disputes when both parents want custody. You can use the help of a lawyer to argue that the child should stay with you where they grow up, or why moving with you to a new state is the best choice. No matter which parent the child is awarded custody too, complicated visitation arrangements will need to be made with travel in mind, and you'll need legal help to ensure that they are fair and practical.

3. Disputed With Being A Non-Biological Parent

Sometimes a non-biological parent wants to seek custody when they know that the biological parent isn't the best choice for the child. This can happen if the child will not be safe, they are drugs in the home, or the parent is physically or mentally ill. It will be harder to win this type of custody case as a step parent, which is why a lawyer can help argue for what is best for the child.

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