Beat The Boot And Get Your Fines Caught Up

If you had several unpaid parking tickets, and to your dismay, came out of the grocery store to find that a city official has put a boot on one of the tires on your truck, you may be infuriated and feel as if you have really let your finances get out of control to be placed in such a precarious situation. Take matters into your hands to beat the boot and get your fines caught up so that you can drive without any restrictions getting in your way.

Leave The Boot Intact And Go Through The Proper Channels

Your first instinct may be to try to take the metal shield off of your truck's tire with some tools that are in the bed of your truck. This, however, could be one of your worst decisions yet. If you are found guilty with tampering with the metal boot, you could be handed stiffer fines and your truck may be impounded. Before doing something foolish, look for a ticket or receipt on your truck's windshield.

Chances are that the person who immobilized your vehicle left you information pertaining to the reason why it was done. A contact number should be on the ticket or receipt. Call this number, and ask to speak to someone concerning your vehicle. You will be provided with a fee that can be paid prior to releasing your vehicle. Be courteous while on the phone, and make it known that you clearly understand what your obligations are and that you intend to pay the fee that was imposed. 

Appear In Court And Make An Effort To Pay Your Tickets

If you have funds on hand that can be used to pay your newest fine, head to the local courthouse to handle the matter with your truck. When speaking to a clerk, inquire about the past due fines that you owe and ask if you need to satisfy these fines right away or if you are eligible for a payment plan.

You may even be presented with a court date that you are required to appear in front of a judge. If this is the case, take the matter seriously and make sure that you show up for your court hearing on time. Save as much money as you can prior to your court date so that you can pay your outstanding tickets. 

Hire An Attorney And Dispute Tickets

If any of the tickets that were previously issued were for traffic law infractions that you do not believe you were guilty of, you can hire an attorney prior to disputing the fines. After hiring an attorney who practices traffic law, provide the lawyer with information that will support the fact that you were not guilty. If there isn't enough proof that you committed an offense, charges may be dropped during your court hearing. 

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