Tips To Use When Deciding On A Temporary Custody Arrangement

If you are in the middle of divorce proceedings, and you have a child with your soon-to-be ex, their well-being is most likely the focus of your concern during this process. Many who divorce have discrepancies regarding who will be the primary caregiver of a child or how many hours visitation they will be awarded. This usually leads to the necessity for a mediation session with a professional unbiased person listening to both parties regarding requested time allotment with the child. Here are some tips you can use to ensure a desirable outcome after a mediation session.

Consider Bringing Your Attorney Along

It is a good idea to have your attorney on the premises of the location where a mediation session will be held. If your spouse brings along their own attorney and you do not have yours present, it will be harder to negotiate without feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed during the process. While some people have successful outcomes when hashing out requests without a lawyer present, being sure about the legal aspect will put you at ease with the stipulations put into place. Your attorney (like those at Finocchio & English) can look over the proposed requirements regarding temporary custody and visitation and make recommendations on any changes they feel would be in your best interest.

Be Aware The Result May Stick After The Divorce Is Final

Do not back down from a proposed desired outcome merely to stop the procedure from continuing. If the mediator tries to convince you to settle for a custody arrangement you do not feel comfortable with, your attorney will continue to work in your behalf to alter the details to get you a better deal. In many cases, a temporary custody and visitation schedule will continue after the final custody hearing if it seems to be working for the child and the parents. Keep this in mind as you fight for the settlement you desire.

Keep Your Child's Best Interest In Mind

Throughout the mediation process, it is very important to consider the wants and needs of your child as well as your own. If they are of school age, it is a good idea to ask them their thoughts regarding their living arrangements. Since they may be asked to speak up in a custody court session, they may indicate they were unhappy with the proposed temporary arrangement. It may be difficult to put your feelings on the matter on the back burner, however, if your child would fare better living with your spouse, it should be taken into consideration when deciding on living arrangements. 

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