3 Questions To Ask Before Agreeing To Be A Guarantor On A Bail Bond

If you are being asked to be a guarantor for a bail bond so a friend or relative can get out of jail, do not feel pressured into making a decision before first learning as much as you can about the situation. If this person doesn't show up for their court date, you will have to pay the bail amount if you sign as the guarantor. Here are a few important things you should consider before agreeing to be a guarantor.

Does the person have a stable home address?

He or she will receive a notice in the mail as to the exact date and time they will need to appear in court. It is crucial that they have a stable home address so they can receive mail and have papers served to them. This address should match the address they have on their government-issued ID. If this person moves around a lot, is a vagrant, or is homeless, he or she may not receive notification of the court date. Of course, this would mean that you would have to pay up.

Fortunately, the bail bondsman also gets a notification of court dates of all the clients they handle. It's a good idea to ask the bail bondsman to contact you when he or she receives notification of the court date for your friend or family member.

Are you able to reach this person at any day or time? 

Can you trust this person to answer your calls and reply to your messages as quickly as possible? Or does it usually take him or her several days to get back with you? By listing yourself as a guarantor, the bail bondsman will contact you for assistance if your friend or family member fails to appear for their scheduled meetings with the bail bondsman during the wait for the court date. The bail bondsman will also contact you if they are unable to get a hold of this person.

Does the person have reliable transportation to get to the courthouse?

You and this person you are helping may do everything right but still get thwarted by something like a vehicle breaking down while on the way to the courthouse for the hearing. If he or she does not have reliable transportation, consider giving them a ride to the courthouse or sending a taxi service to them so they can be on their way without any hitches. Visit http://www.abailnowbailbonds.com for more information.   

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