Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Lawyer For A Civil Suit

Are you currently facing legal trouble? Has one of your neighbors decided to sue you for seemingly no reason? While many situations can be resolved without the aid of a lawyer, it may be a good idea to retain one just in case. But before you hire just any attorney, here are some questions to consider asking:

Is this even something to worry about? Some lawsuits are so nonsensical that they will get dismissed very quickly. Just because a lawsuit is filed, that doesn't mean you'll ever see the inside of a courtroom. For example, if your neighbor has accused you of sending ghosts to attack their dog, it's unlikely that a judge will listen to what they have to say and it may be very easy to get their case dismissed. On the other hand, if they accuse you of that and also of trying to poison their dog through normal means, then a judge is more likely to listen to at least some of what the plaintiff has to say. Good lawyers will tell you whether a case is likely to be dismissed or if you need to prepare for court. 

How much time is there to prepare? In some areas of the country, it may be months before the case makes it before the judge. In other areas, where there are fewer cases being filed, you may only have a matter of weeks. Good lawyers will be able to give you an approximate timeline of what to expect. Even if you already have a court date set for a relatively short time from now, a lawyer may be able to file various paperwork to delay proceedings and to give you more time to gather evidence in your favor. 

What happens if the other party wins? Even though you may have a relatively strong case, there's always the chance that the judge won't see it that way. He or she may be having a bad day or may mishear some of the evidence, resulting in a ruling that's not in your favor. Good lawyers will be able to give you an idea of what might happen, if you should happen to lose the case. Depending on the exact nature of the case, you could be subject to various fines and other penalties. Your lawyer will also be able to tell you whether or not it will be possible or advisable to file an appeal, in the case of a loss. Click here for more information. 

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