Why It's Good To Negotiate An Injury Case With A Lawsuit At The Back Of Your Mind

You should not negotiate a personal injury case with an adjuster as if you are hell-bent on an out-of-court settlement. Remember that at the end of the negotiations, you can either get the compensation you deserve or take the case to a civil court. Knowing this will help you to avoid:

Lying to the Adjuster

Once you know that your case can always end up in court, you will not lie because of the risk of being found out in court. Don't do it even if you are "sure" you might get away with it in the short term. Even a mistruth is just as bad. If you don't know something, then it's best to tell the adjuster that you can't recall it. You will lose your credibility if you are caught lying, and lack of credibility is one of the top ways of losing a personal injury case. What is more, you may also forget about your "little lie" when your case ends up in front of the judge or jury, which will prove that you were lying.

Giving the Adjuster Unnecessary Contacts

Giving out contact information for your friends, colleagues, or family members is not advisable. The adjuster doesn't need this information to handle your case, and there is no law saying that you must give it to him or her. The only exception is if any of the associates witnessed the accident, in which giving the adjuster their contacts is a good idea. It will verify your story and shows that you are cooperating with the insurance company.

However, if you just dish out the information without any reason, then the adjuster can mine information from then and use it against you in court. It's like furnishing an enemy with the ammunition to fight you.

Accepting a Low Offer

If you don't see a lawsuit on the horizon, then you can be so focused on an out-of-court settlement that you end up accepting whatever the adjuster offers. In fact, once an adjuster learns that this is what you want, then he or she will do anything possible to ensure that you "get your wish." For example, he or she may claim that the current offer is the last or best one you can get even if you do have a strong case. Such tactics will not scare you if you know that there is a possibility of a lawsuit.

Most of these are things that you can easily avoid by hiring a personal injury attorney early in your case. Legal counsel is especially necessary if your injuries are serious, and you anticipate a sizable compensation. Being eager for a quick settlement may end up ruining your case.

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