3 Keys To Disputing A Zoning Change

Throughout the course of property ownership, many people find themselves in the middle of zoning battles. For instance, a company may want to rezone your neighborhood to allow a busy shopping block, or a dense apartment building, which may deteriorate the quality of life that you and your neighbors experience. This kind of thing can be intimidating to oppose if you are unfamiliar with zoning law and how to fight such issues. With this in mind, read the following tips so that you are equipped to state your point of view and possibly fight the zoning change. 

#1: Know The Process

When you are aware of how the rezoning process works, you'll be in a better position to know your rights and the rights of the person submitting the proposed change. This will help you to understand the timetable set forth, so that you can employ the best strategy. In most localities, a rezoning change consists of two meetings, each with both the zoning board and the city or town council. In the first sets of meetings, plans are unveiled and both parties have an opportunity to speak on the matter. In the latter two meetings, a vote or recommendation passes through the zoning body before being referred to the municipal governing body for the final vote. These meetings must be held publicly by law, with minutes and notes taken and times publicly advertised. 

#2: Know Your Grounds For Rebuttal

If you are going to dispute a zoning change, you should make sure that you understand your grounds, to put your best foot forward in defense. For instance, this can come down to lowering your property value, creating restrictive or disruptive traffic patterns, deteriorating the character of your neighborhood, and other such issues. Simply not liking a change isn't enough, so research the matter in order to state grounds that will win your rebuttal. 

#3: Gather The Help That You Need

When rebutting a zoning change, you will need both numbers and legal support. Float a petition in your neighborhood and speak to people who are willing to come to the meeting to speak. Write letters to your governing bodies, and ask that those letters be included in the public record and read at the meetings. Put together money with your neighbors to hire a lawyer, like Timothy G. Mara, so that you can receive a consultation to explore your options. Banding together is the best approach to successfully beating the zoning change.

Follow these tips and use them so that you can fight to prevent a zoning change that you disagree with. 

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