Answers To A Couple Of Pressing Auto Accident Questions

Every day there are an almost countless number of car accidents that happen across the country. Luckily, most of these accidents do not result in substantial injuries, but even these minor accidents can result in substantial liabilities and expenses. It is important to understand a couple of basic questions concerning car accidents to help ensure that you are legally protected as much as possible following these incidents. 

Why Is It Not Advised To Discuss The Incident With The Other Driver?

After an accident, it is normal for the two parties to want to communicate. However, outside of checking to make sure the other driver is okay, it is generally ill-advised for you to talk to them. Considering the fact that your emotions will likely be excited, there is a chance that you may accidentally admit liability for the accident, which can have profoundly negative effects on your claim even if you were not the one responsible for it. 

Also, when you are discussing the accident with the police, you should avoid making small talk to minimize the risk of accidentally admitting liability for the incident. If this information were to be included in the final police report, it could be enough to cause the insurance company to legally deny your claim. 

How Are Existing Injuries That Were Worsened During The Accident Handled?

While auto accidents can cause a wide assortment of injuries, they can also have a damaging effect on existing injuries. Sadly, it can be very difficult to obtain compensation for these injuries because the insurance company will almost always classify it as a pre-existing condition. When this happens, you will probably have no other choice but to hire an auto accident attorney and file a lawsuit against the insurance company. 

During this proceeding, your attorney will formally seek the opinion of your doctor and other medical experts to determine the extent of damage that was likely done to the injured area of the body. While you will be unlikely to receive the same amount of compensation that you would have without the pre-existing injury, these steps can help ensure that you get the most from this type of claim. 

Experiencing a car accident can cause a whole host of problems for you, and this is true even if the accident was minor. For those that are in this situation, it is important to understand the problems that can come from talking to the other driver or revealing liability for the accident and you should also realize that complications from the accident and pre-existing injuries will be handled differently. Knowing these facts will help you to make sure that you understand what to expect from these proceedings. 


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