Don't Let Social Media Ruin Your Workers' Compensation Case

You probably spend a great deal of time on social media. Posts about how you're feeling, your plans and posting videos and pictures are just a few of the ways you keep your profile current. If you're in the middle of a workers' compensation case the insurance company might look at your profile. Some insurance companies will hire investigators to monitor a claimant's profile, looking for any indication that they're lying about their injuries. Make certain you aren't making posts that could be putting your case in jeopardy.

Talking About the Case

It's best to keep a workers' compensation case between you, your attorney, your employer and the insurance company. Any person that doesn't fit into these categories doesn't need to know the details of your case. Talking about how you will spend the money from your claim, talking about how slowly the case is progressing or bad mouthing your employer about your injured are just some of the no-nos.

Even the mere idea of mentioning that you are filing a case against your employer is too much information. Undoubtedly, those family members that actually need to know about your case already do, so keep silent about it on social media.

Posting Harmful Photos

You should be especially careful about the photos that you post on your account as well. For example, say you suffered a workplace slip and fall and damaged your back. The doctor gave you strict orders not to lift any object over 10 pounds. However, at your child's birthday party, your husband snapped a photo of you holding your child who weighs well over 10 pounds.

You might have been in the moment and picked up your child without really thinking about it. However, the photo could be used to say that you aren't following doctor's orders, misrepresenting your injuries or that you're contributing to your injuries. Each of these factors could lead to a denied or reduced claim.

Keep it Private

It's generally best to keep your social media accounts private. With a private account only those who you approve will have access to your information. If you're apprehensive about posting a particular post or photo, consider running it past your attorney to see if it could potentially harm your case, first.

Don't let a simple mistake on the Internet ruin your workers' compensation case. Always post with the effect it could have on your case in mind. Talk to experts like Malone & Atchison for more information.

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