Time To Negotiate A Divorce Settlement? 5 Steps To Make The Process Easier

It's time to negotiate a divorce settlement. If you've hired an attorney, they'll help walk you through the process. However, if you're going it alone, you're going to need to know how to get the most out of the negotiations. Even if you're going to represent yourself, it's a good idea to consult with an attorney before proceeding. And before you sit down with your spouse to discuss a divorce settlement, go over these tips to make the process easier.

Start With Something You Can Agree On

Don't begin your settlement talks with issues that are going to be difficult to agree on. Instead, pick something that you know you'll both agree on and start there. Not only will you feel more confident over the success, it will limit the animosity you both might be feeling.

Avoid Making Decisions When you're Emotional

It's never a good idea to negotiate a settlement when you're feeling overly emotional. For instance, if you're feeling guilty about the divorce, you might make concessions that you didn't want to make. If you feel the emotions coming on, it's okay to excuse yourself for a few minutes. You can use the break to get control of your emotions before you resume negotiations.

Acknowledge Concessions

Don't be a sore winner. If you're spouse makes a concession that you weren't expecting, it's okay to acknowledge it. Winning gracefully may help the negotiations continue on a positive path. Your spouse might be more willing to make other concessions if you're willing to acknowledge the effort.

Be Willing to Compromise

You want to get everything you're asking for in the divorce. Unfortunately, negotiating will probably require you to make concessions and compromises of your own. It's a good idea to make a list of the items that you won't compromise on. This will allow you to make concessions on the smaller issues.

Recognize When You Need an Attorney

If you've been trying to reach a divorce settlement but you're hitting a dead-end, it might be time to seek legal assistance. This is especially important if the negotiations are becoming hostile, or you simply can't reach an agreement on anything.

Divorces are never easy. The settlement process can be difficult, especially if you're having trouble communicating. You can use these steps to make the settlement process go smoothly. If you're having difficulty communicating with your spouse, be sure to speak to a divorce attorney.

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